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Social Media Tips for Your Well-Being Business

Do you own a well-being business? The last thing you want to be thinking about when supporting clients is your social media. So I've kept it simple. Let's dive into the online world of a thriving well-being business. I've got some golden nuggets to share, so grab your favourite herbal tea (mine is a chai!), and let's settle in.

1. Define Your Strategy

Creating a strategy on paper

Before you dive into the social media world or make any changes to it, craft a clear strategy that aligns with your well-being vision. Define your goals, target audience, and unique brand voice. Who are you helping? What are you helping them with? Why are you helping them? What do you have to offer that is different to other well-being businesses?

2. Foster Authentic Connections

well-being business woman commenting

Engage with your audience on a personal level. Respond to comments, share genuine stories, and embrace authenticity. It's the heart-to-heart connections that truly matter. You will notice immediate growth in your account when you start to comment on and engage with other accounts that reflect your target audience. Does your business help busy mums? Burnt-out teachers? Stressed executives?

3. Visual Storytelling

woman on the beach doing yoga

Paint your well-being journey through captivating visuals. Share serene images, inspiring quotes (even better if written by you!), and snapshots of your wellness world. Your feed should be a visual oasis that draws people in. Make sure that your brand colours are in line with the feeling of wellness you want to inspire in your audience. Neutrals and whites? Relaxing blues? Pale pastels? Be mindful of what your brand colours are communicating to your audience.

Craft Compelling Content

Mobile phone on instagram

Share valuable insights, wellness tips, and personal anecdotes. Dive deep into subjects that matter to your audience. A great place to find these insights is to read the comments on other popular accounts in your niche. is also another fantastic resource to find out what people are searching for in your niche. Write from the heart, and your readers will feel the warmth. There is only one you. So no matter how many others out there provide the same well-being service as you, no one has the unique experiences and approaches that you have. Show your audience who you are.

5. Be Consistent

Stick to a posting schedule that suits your rhythm. Whether it's daily, weekly, or bi-weekly, reliability builds trust with your followers. Don't feel under pressure to post every day. Consistency looks different for everyone and quality is better than quantity. Posting rubbish every day is much worse than quality, well-thought-out posts two or three times a week!

6. Engage Actively

women replying to messages on her well-being accounts on social media

Create a safe space for open dialogue. Respond to comments and messages promptly. Show an interest in what others are saying and include a question in your replies, not because you want something in return but because you want to know more about their story. Listen to your audience's needs and tailor your content to address their questions and concerns.

7. Share Success Stories

Client providing a testimonial to therapist

Let your well-being business shine through the stories of those you've touched. Share success stories from your clients, accompanied by their transformative testimonials. Video testimonials are wonderful but not everyone feels comfortable doing that so a written testimonial can be just as effective. If you have a client with a website, they could even write a blog that links back to your site! I wrote a blog about the amazing support I had for improving my sleep here. You can also share a case study detailing what you did to help a client (keeping personal details private of course!).

women participating in beach yoga

Remember, social media is a journey, much like the path to well-being. With these social media tips, your well-being business can blossom and touch lives far and wide.

If you would like some personalised support from a dedicated well-being enthusiast with three years of crafting well-being content, pop me a message and I would love to help you reach more clients and change more lives for the better.

We all deserve to be healthy, happy and thriving.

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