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From Teacher to Content Creator: My Journey So Far

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Empty classroom

As a teacher, I never dreamed I would leave the classroom.

But after 14 years of working in education, I realised that it was time to pursue a new career path and embrace my other passion: writing. How? Through content creation.

The little start-up I created during lockdown in 2020 gave me a taste of content creation, brand development, and marketing so I had already dipped a toe in the water.

Exiting the teaching profession was by no means an easy decision. Transitioning teachers the world over will tell you that it's a (grieving!) process but I knew it was the right one for me.

Transitioning from teacher to content creator has been a huge learning curve. I've had to adapt to new technologies, learn how to create engaging content and build a new audience. I've recently completed an SEO course and it is a whole new world!

Along this journey, I've learnt 3 valuable lessons that I'd like to share with you.

Writing a list of possible jobs outside of teaching

1) You have to be passionate about what you create. As a teacher, I was passionate about education and helping students learn. As a content creator, I'm passionate about creating content that inspires, engages, and educates others. When you're passionate about what you do, it shows in your work and resonates with your audience.

2) It's important to be adaptable. The world of content creation is constantly changing, and you need to be willing to adapt to new technologies and trends. This means being open to learning new skills (ChatGPT among others!) and being comfortable with taking risks. When I left teaching I had to dust off my 10-year-old LinkedIn profile, blow out the cobwebs and completely overhaul it. I consumed content on there until my eyeballs were bleeding but eventually, I had to dive in and get started! It was worth it. Utilising LinkedIn has meant I have built my brand, learnt new skills, and made some amazing connections. It is a platform that just keeps giving and a space where I keep growing! This brings me perfectly to my last point.

3) Building a community is key. I had a community of students, parents, and fellow educators as a teacher. As a content creator, I've had to build a new community. This means engaging with my audience, responding to comments, and creating content that resonates with them.

Transitioning from teaching to content creation has been a challenging but rewarding experience for me so far. I'm excited to continue to learn and grow in this new career path.

If you're considering a similar teacher transition, I encourage you to:

  • Follow your passions

  • Be adaptable

  • Build a community

Thanks for reading my first post! Please consider sharing it with your friends and colleagues if you enjoyed it. I would also love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Leave a comment below and let me know your experiences or any additional tips you have.

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1 Comment

Danielle Fleuriot
Danielle Fleuriot
May 25, 2023

What a lovely article. It sounds like you’re incredibly passionate about what you do and anyone would be lucky to work with you. Wishing you all the best in this new venture.

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