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Transform your writing into a masterpiece:

Line & Copy Editing

Refining Every Sentence

Rate: £47 per hour

- Ideal for: authors, bloggers, and businesses seeking impeccable grammar, syntax, and style.

- Includes in-depth line-by-line editing, improving sentence flow, consistency, and language precision.

Content Editing

Enhancing Clarity and Impact

Rate: £67 per hour

- Ideal for: content creators, marketers, and educators aiming for engaging and persuasive content.

- Includes comprehensive review for coherence, structure, and effectiveness.

Developmental Editing

Shaping Your Narrative

Rate: £57 per hour

- Ideal for: fiction and non-fiction authors, and storytellers refining plot, characters, and themes.

- Includes detailed feedback on plot development, character arcs, pacing, and narrative strength.


Polishing the Final Touch

Rate: £37 per hour

- Ideal for: individuals and businesses seeking error-free, publication-ready content.

- Includes thorough grammar and spelling checks, ensuring a flawless and professional outcome.

Contact me for a quote.

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